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Abi Lewis
Characters like Keith’s are an anomaly, an endangered species that need to be remembered and documented. With my personal connection to Keith and a current revival in the popularity of jazz related programming, there couldn’t be a better person to tell this story at a more suitable time.
Patrick Collerton
I became attached to the film as an old documentary friend of mine said Abi was a real star - dynamic, trustworthy and inspired. I also knew Keith over the decades and thought he’d make an excellent subject for a documentary. Thankfully both instincts proved to be correct and I’m proud to be the exec producer of the film.
Barbara Zosel
What drew me to the project was listening to some of the hugely entertaining stories about Keith and wanting to find out more about this enigmatic, passionate, erudite, irascible character.
James Cook
I had spent a couple of evenings bathed in the crimson glow of the Jazz cafe's table lamps when Abigail approached me to help shoot a documentary about its enigmatic owner, Keith Cromby. What started out as a simple character piece quite rapidly grew into something extraordinary, as friends, acquaintances and regulars proudly poured out their anecdotes and treasured stories to us. This unassuming yet seemingly staunch old, bearded man had an incredibly colourful and wild past which needed to be captured as a form of 'time capsule' for future Jazz and story lovers alike.
Colin Lang
All peoples stories are fascinating, they’re what makes documentary film making such an incredible process. Keith and the story of the Jazz Cafe was a film I just had to be a part of.
Lucie Warrington
Keith's story intrigued and fascinated me immediately. I was excited to join the team back in 2013 and it's been a brilliant journey so far, it's lovely to see how Keith continuously charms people from all over the world!
Danny Carr
I loved going to the Jazz Cafe back in the 90s. When I spotted the documentary on Facebook I immediately volunteered my services. I was thrilled to give something back in return for all the amazing nights I had there. And I don't even like Jazz.
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