Keith Crombie

Well known internationally as Geordie Jazz Man, Keith Crombie was a mystery to many of his Jazz Cafe patrons in Newcastle upon Tyne, England and, like King Canute, refused to bow to the changing musical tides or even the ageing process.

A man who would refuse you entry on a whim, a hard man feared from his past though a lover of women – he was the epicentre of a band of similar brothers, musicians, thespians, and alcoholics – the pride of Newcastle Jazz from the 1950’s to now.

Aside from running an eccentric battered Jazz club, Keith’s past included going to school with two of the Shadows, a brief career as a getaway driver, dealings with the Krays and choosing to book the Rolling Stones over the Beatles. Eric Burdon, Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr and Prince Charles all feature.

For decades he refused to be filmed, granting me access because I’m his goddaughter. This film celebrates the man, the Jazz movement but mainly a never say die contrary spirit that Keith Crombie took to his grave.

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