This film has touched the heart of many people who were drawn into Keith’s world.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the huge amount of people who contributed to the making of the ‘GEORDIE JAZZ MAN’ doc. The continuous support has been and still is overwhelming.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter campaign, you helped make this happen!

Bob Lewis John and Babs Wiper Tracy Effard
Paul Grainger Roma Yagnik Michael O
Michelle Cassar Warren Thomson Sam Hogarth
Michael Lewis Monika Kasprzak boohoo72
David Chalton Weal Mac Danny Strickland
Richard Mike Mcloughlin Debra Milne
Jose Marcelino Liam Suggitt Katherine Mitchelson
Marcus Kaiser Adam Stock Colin Thompson
Keith Gilroy Ann & Dave Davis Kath Jobes
Joe Boss Fowler Jackie Miller Kim Justin
karl Liegis Mark Robertson Anna Craig
Jon Dowland Charlotte Dack John Law
Michael Schmidt John and Julie Wiper Rotem Hakim
Bruce Bax Ryan Bartley Jan Kelly
Billy Gilbert Cassandra Chowdhury Patrick Rosenkranz
Clark Davison Andy Mac Charlie Banks
Andrew Huntley Jacob A Tapia Paul Crowther
Nyree Denney Joanna Makepeace Alex Mallis
Mark Robertson Denise Robertson Wooshii (Fergus Dyer-Smith)
Lee Wiper Graham Jones Lance Liddle
Jonny Bull Les Aitch Graham Justin
Aidan Spink Dave Parker Minnie Fraser
Mark Robin Cordell Pink Lane Jazz Coop Gareth Jones
Kate Hugh Cochrane Fiona Finden
Jude Murphy Malcolm Logan Alyson Grainger
Tom Henry Lamb Becca Pelly-Fry Chris Hornsby
Nicola Sharpe Andrew Moscardini Terry Reilly
Don Forbes Jane Strachan Steven Hesse
Wally Nash Karna Mital Brian Hunt
Gavin Kirkup Leigh Chelton Adam Featherstone
Angela Carrington danilovesky James Tabbinor
rob_crow Gwongsum Chan Rebecca Parker
Dan Brain Kaspars Zarinovs John Fowler
Doug Kennard Anna Hedworth Ian Gregg
Nick Brodin Claire Kelly Sophia Isabella Taylor
Christalle Aldridge Ann Alexander Andy McQueen
Gabriele Heller Andrew Harvey Erica Lewis
Tony Duncan Katie Boyd Ross Whitaker
Holy Biscuit Josh Tengan Leo Bell
Mike Bell Mark Williams Bill Mills
Kevin Whalley Dean OBrien Tony Prenelle
Amy Stocker Christian Reynolds Maree Lee Haynes
Helen Burdess Calum lea Lewis Winter
Richard Millington Claire Miley Benjamin Sherlock
Gina Michel Evan Baverstock Richard Herdman
Katie Strachan Sarunas Bernatavicius reworked
Ruth Comer

** Check out you-tube page for more clips.

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